Redefining the way you move. 

Integrity Movers has a powerful name to live up to. We provide the most secure and well organized moving service in Edmonton & Surrounding areas. 

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Whether you need to move your entire house, condo or need a small delivery, we are there to do it quickly, efficiently, and carefully. Call us for an estimate 780-995-9023



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Integrity Movers is proud to be an official NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES AGENT.

With rogue movers and scam movers on the rise, it is important you work with reputable companies. You can rest assured that when you choose a North American Van Lines' agent, you are working with movers who meet rigorous, high-quality standards. By working with professional movers, you can depend on hassle-free, successful relocations - avoiding scams that take your money, or worse, your memories.

When choosing movers, you want to be certain that they are licensed and insured. These credentials will guarantee that you are moving your belongings with a company that is registered and recognized as professional movers. Only North American Van Lines agents meet these stringent quality standards. 


Integrity Movers is proud to aid many corporate and government agencies. You can always count on us for punctuality and the utmost professionalism. We arrive on the job site fully equipped, in uniform and ready to get the job done efficiently and responsibly.

We are known for our unparalleled work ethic and treating every job with the diligence and respect that it deserves, no matter how big or small.

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Our customers save an average of 50% over cardboard.

Integrity Movers has teamed up with BungoBox to offer an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional cardboard moving box and packing tape. BungoBox delivers sturdy and secure, reusable plastic containers right to your door when you need them. You just fill them up with your stuff and move. 

Once you’ve unpacked and are ready to have the containers picked up from your new home just call our team and BungoBox will pick them up. 


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BBB Accreditation signifies trust and integrity, and an unwavering commitment to consumers. 

Integrity Movers Ltd. provides the highest level of quality, competency, and efficiency to every move they facilitate for their clients. They continuously strive to provide the most professional and complete moving experience within the industry.

From small apartment residences to 5000 sq ft+ homes, they have the proficient personnel and tools required to facilitate the relocation in the most streamlined and efficient manner possible.




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Integrity Movers takes pride in adhering to strict industry guidelines from CAM + AMTA + COR.

CAM, Canadian Association of Movers. 

AMTA, Alberta Motor Transport Association. 

COR, Certification of Recognition. This is the highest level of safety certification in the market.



“They are fast, friendly and reliable. I was moving my mother in-law from one condo to another, when they arrived we weren't even finished packing, they came in and within no time or hassle they helped us pack and move. It was the best moving experience of my life. I usually just move with my friends, but I will never do that again. Thank you guys!!”