Corporate Relocation Moving Services

From moving delicate office décor to costly equipment, we assess each project’s needs and tailor our approach accordingly. We arrive in uniform, equipped with moving and packaging solutions to ensure all equipment, furnishings, and files are moved with precision and care in a way that lessens the headache of unpacking and re-establishing an office in a new location.

What We Can Deliver

Our moving services for corporate offices include free on-site estimates, flat-rate quotes, and a variety of competitive hourly rates, as well as…
• No costly minimums and ¼ hour billing
• Disassembly and reassembly
• Office relocation, including floor-to-floor moves
• Small jobs, pickup, and delivery services
• Packing supplies and full-service packing
• Power tail-gate to transport heavier items
• Bugobox and file carts available

What We Can Deliver

We offer a full range of services that corporations offices might require as they move from one location to the next. From an indoor heated facility where you can enjoy peace of mind by relocating all office furnishings to our storage, to installations that include walls and office space furniture by our knowledgeable install team. Our qualified and professional staff can tackle even the most challenging moves with the proper equipment and care and will exceed every expectation set by exacting clients.

Redefining the Way You Move

Integrity Movers is the trusted, award-winning choice for moving services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Find out what we can do for you.

Who are our clients?

Our clients include corporations, real estate businesses, and small business owners in Edmonton. We are proud to work with many repeat corporate customers, because they know they can fully trust Integrity Movers into their high-end offices and working spaces. We also eagerly embrace smaller projects, such as in-house moves or local moves, in order to be of service to our fellow Edmonton businesses.

Why choose us?

If you value attention to detail, excellent customer service, prompt and upfront communication, and peace of mind, we’re the right choice for you. It is by putting these values first that we have earned our A+ BBB rating. It is also why we were voted among the Top Three Rated Moving Companies in Edmonton by in 2018. And in 2019, we were voted the Top Choice Moving Company of 2019 for Edmonton by the Top Choice Awards. 

A Unique Experience

No two relocations are the same. We provide expert support no matter what you and your employees need. Never idle, and never comfortable with the status quo, we go above and beyond to make your corporate moving experience as inviting as your work environment. After all, it is our customers that make it possible to do what we do best: move with Integrity.

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