Indoor Heated Storage

Enjoy peace of mind by relocating all furnishings to our storage facility.

  1. Items are photographed, numbered, wrapped with furniture pads, numbered again and placed in a designated location.
  2. All like furnishings are grouped together for convenient locating purposes.
  3. All wrapped items stay wrapped while in storage. This maintains maximum protection from dust, scuffing and general storage wear and tear. This also saves the crew time and client money on move in and out days.
  4. A flash drive is then provided to the client.
  5. The client can format specific folders for the show homes, dragging and dropping which furnishings have been designated to the show home.

Easy Process

  • We pick the order, load, offload and set up all contents.
  • No need for additional flash drives after the initial bulk of the items are inventoried; using iCloud or a drop box to update clients

An Interior Designers Dream Come True.

Are you an interior designer for show homes and the real estate industry? Do you need support moving your show home furniture to your new location?

Our system virtually eliminates the need for the designers to ever have to go to the storage facility again, allowing you to be more directly focused on more suited aspects of business. Leave the moving and storage to the professionals. Give us a call to talk about possibilities.


Show Home Set Up

Our indoor heated storage clients can send Integrity Movers the list of items and what date and time they’d prefer installation/set up for any show home or corporate relocation requirements as part of our standard packages.