Indoor Heated Storage Services

In transit and need a temporary storage solution? Why not keep it in our storage facility? Our commercial clients like this option, as it gets the furnishings, equipment, and other items off their property quickly, so they can get going with whatever is next. Homeowners also enjoy having temporary or semi-permanent options for storage while in-between moves or during some other type of change. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Commercial Storage Solutions For Any Business

Our system eliminates the need for interior designers, growing start-ups, and established enterprises to ever have to go to the storage facility again, so you can focus on more pressing aspects of your business. As part of our standard package, we also provide show home set-up services, so you can send us your list of items and what date and time you would prefer installation/set up for any show home or corporate relocation requirements, and then our team does the heavy lifting.

Climate Controlled Indoor Storage

Whether your home is bursting at the seems, you're gearing up for a move, or need storage-in-transit, trust the movers with a name to match their services--Integrity Movers. When you need premier household or residential storage solutions, Integrity Movers has the experience and infrastructure to satisfy any storing-related needs in Edmonton, AB.

Redefining the way you move.

Integrity Movers has a powerful name to live up to. We provide the most secure and well organized moving service in Edmonton & Surrounding areas.

Storage AND Service

Your items will be photographed, numbered, wrapped with furniture pads, numbered again and placed in a designated location. Similar furnishings are grouped together and everything stays wrapped for maximum protection from dust, scuffing, and to prevent general storage wear and tear. Keeping your items wrapped also simplifies storage and removal. We provide you with a flash drive cataloging items stored with us. You can then format specific folders to indicate which items you’d like to access.

Not JUST Storage Solutions

You can rely on Integrity when you need help with:

  • Palatizing, Crating, or Loading and Unloading
  • Wrapping your fragile items
  • Boxing Assistance
  • Disassembly and assembly
  • Labelling, Organizing, and Configurations

Short or Long-Term Storage Options

If you need temporary storage, or something a little more permanent, our warehousing and storage facilities covers every need without delay. This also means you're not bound by unnecessary contracts or length agreements. Thanks to our partnership with Sentinel Storage, we can proudly serve the great city and community of Edmonton, AB with the best storage services they deserve.

Trusted Moving and Storage Services in Edmonton, AB

When you need an experienced, professional crew to help you with your storage needs, residential or commercial, call Brydon and the movers over at Integrity Movers. He'll personally oversee your services and make sure your needs are met without worry or stress from you. As someone with years of experience in this industry, there is nothing he hasn't seen and nothing he isn't prepared for. Call us for your free storage or moving estimate today!

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