Corporate Partners 

At Integrity Movers we take pride in developing long term mutually beneficial relationships with our local business communities. We have been working with the following companies on many projects, if your company would be interested in partnering with us do get in touch!



Bedrock Homes Edmonton. 

Integrity Movers has been working with Bedrock Homes for the past 7 years, bringing their show home furnishings to site within and assisting with takedowns and set-ups.

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Coventry Homes

Integrity has been providing Coventry Homes with in-door heated storage and show home services for over 3.5 years. Working hand in hand with AMR Design to bring these projects to life. 


Kanvi Homes

Kanvi Homes and Integrity have built a solid relationship over the past 3 years. Integrity has provided on-site storage, receiving and delivery services and show home relocations for Kanvi. 


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Integrity has been working with Trial for almost 4 years now and has been able to facilitate a wide range of product deliveries to an even wider range of locations throughout Alberta. From assisting with appliance deliveries to Fort McMurray and Slave Lake after the tragedies there, to entire loads of a number of home builders within Edmonton, Integrity is proud to be aligned with Trial Appliances. 

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                     BLOOM FESTIVAL

                     BLOOM FESTIVAL

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Duo Design Studios
waygood kitchens
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mcdonald reality
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Integrity Movers has been a preferred partner of Realty Executives for almost 2 years now. We provide ongoing white glove services for their growing Edmonton Real Estate Team. 



Mitch Cammidge Coaching

Mitch and Integrity have a great history together. Mitch assisted in the growth of the business during it’s early years and ever since has been a strong supporter in both our continued development, but also referring clients our way. 


We are proud corporate partners with Urban Tavern, providing all relocation services, set up services and much more. 




Integrity Movers has been providing OTR with moving services and support for the past few years. 


Integrity Movers has been a proud sponsor for Edmonton's Bloom Festival for the past 5 years. We have provided moving, setup and take down services for all of their festivals since inception. Bloom Festival helps raises awareness and funding to bring mindfulness, yoga and meditation to underserved communities in Edmonton, Calgary and all over Alberta. 


Integrity Movers has been working with local Edmonton based apothecary Pura Botanicals for this past 8 years. Pura Botanicals is a green beauty apothecary & natural perfumery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our collection of non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly skincare and wellness potions centre around the ancient art of the beauty ritual. 


Integrity Movers works with Moving Supplies Plus to source quality moving supplies for our customers. 



We are proud to be partnering with Duo Design Studios to stage housing on the Edmonton Real Estate Market for their infill homes. 







Integrity Movers has been working with Moving Supplies Plus Ltd. to......  Learn more about Moving Supplies Plus here.






We work with waygoods kitchens to....

Learn more about waygood kitchens inc.



Learn more about




Learn more about Collin Bruce and





We support residential clients and moves for Mcdonald Real Estate Group. Learn more about them here.





Integrity Movers proudly works with The Mckay Team to support their customers and company with moving and residential relocation services.