“A dreamlike experience.”

I love using movers even for short moves, they usually get loaded, from point A to point B and unloaded in less than 2 hours. Using friends and/or family usually takes all day and by the time you buy expected food, drinks and gas, you could have paid for a moving company..

James M. Beck.

“I could tell that they really liked what they were doing!”

The men were friendly and did an excellent job. I could tell that they really liked what they were doing by the way they worked. They called ahead to let me know that they were on the way and they were on time.The cost was reasonable. I will definitely inform anyone that I know moving to call Integrity Movers Edmonton. Thank you``

Wendy & Scott.

I love worked with Integrity Movers for the past four years. I work in Space Management as a Accommodation Planning Coordinator. As part of that Role I am responsible for selecting vendors. I have found that Integrity Movers have been able to consistently exceed our expectations as a vendor. I use them for all of my high demand clients and large complex political Hospital Site moves. They are professional and have been able to adapt to the high demands of the Alberta Health Services requirements. I will continue to fully support of work with this team whenever possible. We hope to continue our relationship with Integrity Movers..

— Kelsey Smith - Alberta Health Services


“Everything we wanted and more.”

They are fast, friendly and reliable. I was moving my mother in-law from one condo to another, when they arrived we weren't even finished packing, they came in and within no time or hassle they helped us pack, move and get set up at the new place. They even helped gramma set up her cable so she was sitting with tea and her favorite tv shows in her first evening in the new place. It was the best moving experience of my life. I usually just move with my friends, but I will never do that again. Thank you guys!

— Myrah Penaloza

I would recommend them to anyone and everyone for corporate relocation or any move for that matter.”

I had learned about Integrity Movers during the flooding in High River. Brydon and the Integrity Movers team were then donating time to help those in need, I was referred to them by a friend. From there, I asked them to bid on a few of our corporate projects. Integrity Movers coordinated the move and set up of 12 offices, 12 cubicles, 2 filling rooms and 1 boardroom. We needed to be out of our office on a Friday and be moved back in during a Grey Cup weekend on a Sunday. They got the job done so well and professionally, I would recommend them to anyone and everyone for corporate relocation or any move for that matter.

Trevor Torgerson - VP Western Canada CCTF Corporation.


“Stellar, professional service.”

What started as a typical apartment moved may have quickly turned into a disaster with unexpected problems arising. Tony from Integrity Movers took charge and made the move happen. Tony and his team (Phil and Kyle) put in 3+ hours extra of very hard work that day. They treated my pocessions with care. Everything was moved safely without a scratch, including a piano. They went above and beyond the call of duty. The movers were kind, considerate, caring and they completely turned this traumatic experience around. They were very professional. Thank you Tony, Kyle and Phil. I recommend this moving company for all your moving needs. Sharon. 

— Sharon L.

They are wonderful! Have an attitude of helpfulness! Provided support for the Bloom Yoga Festival and we couldn't have moved all of our equipment in or out without them.

Thank you!

Amanda Beggs (Event Planner, KMG Events)

I would hire Integrity Movers again in a heartbeat!”

They were professional and I felt very comfortable. Being a single woman it's nice to feel safe. They took care of my furniture like it was their own and they always asked where to put things they didn't just drop it anywhere. I like that they round up within 15 minutes rather than the 30 minutes to 1 hour that others do. I highly recommend them. They also kept in contact with me on the day of the move to ensure I knew when they were coming, so I wasn't sitting waiting for no reason. The person in the office was also very helpful when I was booking with time expectations and even recommending the times for booking off the elevator in my building which really helped as I haven't moved in 10 years. It was all around a great experience!

— L.T.


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